Critical Home Repair


Greater Jackson Habitat for Humanity helps homeowners with limited financial resources restore and maintain the exteriors of their homes by providing opportunities for affordable home repairs.

Greater Jackson Habitat for Humanity’s (GJHFH) Critical Home Repair program provides low income homeowners (less than 60% area median income for household size) in Jackson county with assistance for repairs to their home they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

This program offers affordable home repairs such as: 

  • Interior work necessary to maintain the home
  • Minor structural repairs
  • Repairs to doors, windows, porches, etc.
  • Floor and wall repair
  • Siding or trim repair
  • Handrail replacement/installation
  • Steps and stairs repair
  • Other safety or health issues not listed
  • Roof replacement or repair

Qualified Home Owners:

  • Own & reside in a home in Jackson County needing repairs (no rental properties)
  • Mobile homes may qualify for mechanical repairs only and only if the home is on its own land (no mobile home parks)
  • Land contracts may be considered under specific circumstances:
      • Land contract recorded at least two years prior to date of application
      • Land contract holder (seller) acknowledges and consents to the repairs
  • Have household income at or below 60% of Jackson County median family income (see first chart below)
  • Are up-to-date on property taxes and mortgage payments (if any)
  • Have homeowner’s insurance unless repairs needed are the reason you’re unable to get insurance
      • If the home is not insured due to requested repairs, we may be willing to communicate with your insurance company to attempt to restore the insurance contingent upon the repair being done.
  • Homeowner must agree to pay back all or a portion of the value of the cost of repairs based on a sliding scale (see second chart below) with a zero-interest loan.
  • Homeowners will sign a promissory note agreeing to payments and terms; monthly payment for this loan will be no more than 30% of the household income and will create a total debt to income ratio of no more than 45%.
  • Maximum repair cost per home is not to exceed $7,000 unless the project includes roof replacement. If roof replacement is included in the repair project, the maximum repair cost can be up to $12,000.
  • Homes larger than 2,000 sq. ft. do not qualify for this program.
  • Mechanics liens may be placed on the title for repairs exceeding $5,000.
  • Homeowner will sign a homeowner agreement stating they agree to the scope of work, cost, and any other items discussed during planning, including participating in ‘sweat equity’ of 8 hours per $1,000 in repairs.


Family Size Maximum Monthly Income
1 $3020
2 $3447
3 $3880
4 $4307
5 $4645
6 $5000
7 $5347
8 $5687


60% 80%
50% 70%
40% 60%
30% 50%
20% 40%
10% 30%


Affordable Loan Repayment

We are committed to providing housing solutions that are affordable. To build a spirit of partnership and sustainability, our repair program features modest repayment requirements.

Repairs are repaid according to their value with a 0% interest loan through GJHFH. Homeowners are required to pay the total or a percentage of the projected total cost for the project, depending on income. (Total cost of project not to exceed $5,000.) A $50 down payment is required prior to the beginning of the repair.

All repayment funds are recycled and used to assist future homeowners in need of repairs.

Sweat Equity

Sweat equity is a core tenet of Habitat’s ministry and is Habitat’s most valuable tool in building the partnership among families, affiliate staff and volunteers.  The number of sweat-equity hours is based on the scope of the project, with a minimum of eight hours.  Sweat equity can include:

  • Work alongside the volunteers and staff of GJHFH on the homeowner’s own home
  • Providing snacks or meals to volunteers while on the job
  • Volunteer work at ReStore and/or in the office of GJHFH


Home Repair Application