Homebuyer Program

Habitat for Humanity partners with low-to-moderate-income families interested in pursuing homeownership. The process averages 12-18 months to allow for a home’s construction or renovation, down payment savings, class attendance, and completion of other Habitat requirements.


Homebuyer Application Documents

Habitat partners with families who meet the following criteria:

Need for adequate housing

If your current home is unaffordable (more than 30% of your income), you are living with family or friends, there are maintenance problems at your rental unit, or you can’t get approved for a conventional mortgage, you may qualify. Applicants must not currently own a home.


Ability to pay

Habitat mortgages are no more than 30% of your gross income (including taxes and insurance), as determined by a licensed mortgage originator. Applicants should show the ability to make this payment, evidenced by meeting the income guidelines below and consistently paying bills. Perfect credit isn’t required, but any judgments and liens must be repaid before an applicant will be approved. Credit reports are reviewed for all applicants, and our Homeowner Services Consultant will discuss with potential homebuyers any credit issues impacting their application.

Family Size Minimum Monthly Income Maximum Monthly Income
1 $1513 $3025
2 $1730 $3458
3 $1946 $3891
4 $2160 $4320
5 $2333 $4666
6 $2506 $5012
7 $2680 $5358
8 $2853 $5704


Willingness to partner

All applicants will be required to complete a minimum of 300 hours of sweat equity. These hours include classes, Habitat events, helping in the ReStore and construction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page to see our most commonly asked questions or call us at (517) 784-6620.

Homebuyer FAQs