DeLand Point, A Habitat Neighborhood

DeLand Point is a block of property just south of the YMCA, bordering W. Franklin, S. Mechanic, and W. Mason Streets. The property is mostly vacant lots that will eventually hold 6 new Habitat homes.

Update, August 24, 2021: Last week was Blitz Build week, where we put up the first two houses. You can read more about that and check out updated pictures here.  Below is a picture of the site after last week’s blitz:

DeLand Point on Aug. 24, 2021


From MLive:  7 new homes coming to Jackson in Habitat for Humanity project

From MLive:  ‘Blitz Build’ on 2 houses will close Franklin Street for a week

From MLive:   $2.5 million Habitat for Humanity project plans 14 homes in Jackson

The timeline for the first two houses will intersect with the build of the new YMCA facility directly across the street from these lots on W. Franklin. Groundbreaking will happen in April 2021 on houses #1 & 2. Throughout the spring and summer the property and foundation will be prepped for a Blitz Build in August.
A Blitz Build is where groups of construction professionals and volunteers come together to put up a house in a matter of hours. In this case, the plan is for the Blitz Build to last a week, and the first two houses will be put up, including all of the walls, roof, and enclosing the structures.
Once the houses are up, we’ll spend the next few months finishing the inside, mechanicals, landscaping, and getting them ready for new homebuyers.
The next phase will repeat this process the following year with houses #3 & 4. The timeline for houses #5 & 6 is in 2023.
If you’d like to get involved with this multi-year, multi-home neighborhood project, feel free to fill out the form below or email Wendy Clow at

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