Mansion St. Critical Home Repair


Latonia came to us to ask for help with fixing her roof. It’s in really bad shape and will begin to cause further damage to the home if it’s not addressed soon. Latonia had received notice from her insurance company that her homeowners insurance would be dropped if she didn’t get the roof fixed.

Latonia lives alone and is on a minimal fixed income due to disability. She is a loving person who is generous with everything she has to give, which is mostly her time and energy. Since entering our repair program she’s worked on satisfying the sweat equity requirements of the program by coming in to our offices and store to clean and do other tasks as asked. She works with a smile on her face and brightens everyone’s day she comes in contact with.





Through our Critical Home Repair program and a generous grant from a partnership with Consumers Energy and MSHDA, we’re going to be able to not only replace the roof for Latonia, but also replace the gutters and insulation in her attic.

If you’d like to make a donation to this project or into our Critical Home Repair fund so that we’re able to continue to provide services like this to our most vulnerable citizens in Jackson, you can do so here.


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