N. Elm Critical Home Repair

Elizabeth began to see water coming into the enclosed porch at her house.  She called a roofing company to come out and take a look, and it turned out most of the roof was in bad shape. She couldn’t afford the estimated cost to fix it and applied for our critical home repair program.

N. Elm roof

Habitat for Humanity Michigan has secured a grant partnership with Consumers Energy and MSHDA, and we were able to get this homeowner approved for that program. The grant requires a Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) test before beginning the repairs. The goal is to ensure that when we do a repair on a house, we’re leaving it in the safest, most efficient state possible – taking care of the most urgent needs first.

In this case, the CAZ test was returned with a warning of carbon monoxide leaking into the home from the water heater. If we had just gone in and replaced the roof without having done the test, we would have left the homeowner vulnerable to potentially life-threatening issues with her home. Now the first, most urgent repair that will be addressed before we replace the roof is the water heater.

N. Elm water heater

Habitat believes that everyone deserves a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. Because of this program, we’re able to not only fix an external problem with the house, but also caught an internal issue that could have eventually caused illness or death that the homeowner wasn’t even aware of.

N. Elm roof

You can help us assist more people like this by donating to our Critical Home Repair program. Every dollar you give will go directly to help low income homeowners in Jackson county have stability and self-reliance through safe, affordable housing.

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